Phobia Eliminated!

Shelly brought her daughter to see me and after one session her life-long phobia of animals was cured. See her Yelp review here:

Overlooked Blood Clot

Her doctors told Marisol she had a pulled muscle. I told her it was a blood clot. Fortunately she eventually got the doctors to run the test I suggested and the bloodclots were diagnosed and treated in time!  Read marisol's Yelp Review below:

Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

Patient Empowered to Advocate for Herself.

Robin came to me with a diagnosis that was not addressing her symptoms. My scan identified the core cause of her problems and she was able to take this information to her doctors to advocate for herself. See this quote from her Yelp review:

I am extremely impressed with the intuitive abilities of Dr. Vest.  I've sought guidance from intuitive coaches for several years, mostly for relationship matters, so I know a legitimate coach when I see one.  I recently received conflicting direction from my Naturopath and my Family Medicine doctor regarding treatment for adrenal fatigue.  I turned Dr. Vest in exasperation, hoping she could uncover the truth and provide me with some direction.  We had our session via FaceTime over the Christmas holiday.  To my delight, she was able to direct me to the real source of the problem (my kidneys), which is something that I had always suspected, but that both doctors had downplayed.  She also recommended the type of specialist to see and the type of tests to get.  She accurately described my physical state as being utterly exhausted and my emotional state as feeling disappointed, ashamed and frustrated that neither of my doctors are taking me seriously.  Most importantly, Dr. Vest gave me hope that my condition is reversible.  Equipped with this information, she has allowed me to become a better advocate for my health, instead of remaining  a typical patient being led astray by the medical profession.  I will continue to seek counsel from Dr. Vest because she provides me with the confidence needed to successfully navigate this healthcare maze.  I am very fortunate to have found her and HIGHLY recommend her services!