Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

What To Expect

You should expect to get new information about the nature and cause of your health problems. You may get some of your assumptions confirmed, or you may be surprised by totally unexpected information. You should expect to walk out of the scan with greater clarity about why you are sick and what steps you can take to begin to heal.

 Each scan is unique. Depending upon your question or condition, the scan may focus entirely on physical causes, may address physical and emotional causes, or may delve into past life causes. Not everyone has the same components affecting their health. The client can request that the scan focus on one category of causes, such as physical causes or emotional causes, if s/he feels that is the information they most need at this time. I am typically guided to give the information that is most helpful first.

In some scans, the bulk of the time is spent on identifying what is happening in the body, whereas in other scans, the focus is on various treatment options. Treatment suggestions also vary considerably between clients as each body is unique. For some, diet is important, for others environmental stress may be a factor. Some people have significant past lives which have contributed to their poor health in this life, others have childhood emotional trauma, or soul contracts which influence their current physical condition.  Suggested treatetns include a wide variety of options including, for example: Accupuncture, western medicine, herbs, physical therapy, psychotherapy, etc.

What A Medical Intuitive Scan Entails


The client meets with the medical intuitive either in person on via videochat. The client gives his/her full name and either lists symptoms or asks questions about a health or medical issue. Each session typically covers 1-3 symptoms or questions, depending upon how complicated the conditions are. The The medical intuitive relays the information orally and the client records the session so that s/he can play it back later and get more information from it.


Using Intuition, I do a scan of your physical, emotional, and/or spiritual bodies, starting with your physical body. By closing my eyes and going into a meditative state, I can see your physical body on a screen in my head. I scan the problem areas or symptoms you identify. When I find the problem area I zoom in to get more information about what is going on in the body. The information typically comes to me in four ways: 1) With clairvoyance (clear seeing) I see imbalances and disease; 2) with clairsentience (clear feeling), I feel the symptoms of the client; 3) With clairaudience I sometimes hear the name of a condition; 4) with claircognizance (clear knowing) I am able to know, by looking at the names of conditions, which apply to the client. 

After I access physical information, I may also scan your emotional, mental, or causal bodies and/or access your Akashic Records to get 1) information about the emotional components of illness and imbalance; 2) information about subconscious mantras affecting your mindset; or 3) obtain information about your past lives, soul purpose, life purpose, karmic lessons, or soul contracts that are relevant to your health. ​