Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

“Dr. Vest is so on point. My [mediumship] session with her was truly remarkable. She helped me find healing and closure. I was able to walk out of my session with her with such a peace that I can not wait to see her again. She is undeniably gifted.” ----- --Consuelo Gonzales., West Covina, CA

“My session with Dr. Vest was my first ever medical intuitive session, so I was very excited. Jennifer's array of skills impressed me. She offered me past life readings and did a body scan to see what was the direct cause of my health concern. I came away with more clarity and some action steps to help me on my healing journey and vision quest of optimum health! I would recommend Dr. Vest, especially since she made me feel comfortable and offered me hope for my future.”

--Kiyomi Zenutopia, Riverside, CA

Jennifer is incredible! There is no healer or clairvoyant that I would recommend more than Jennifer Vest. She has had such an impact on my life and my wife’s life... She has helped me find greater meaning and purpose in my life. She has also brought a lot of healing and revealed so much in my life that I needed to hear, understand, and be guided by. She has such a caring, humble, and gracious spirit that makes me feel like I am family. Her intuition is so clear and she sees and communicates truth that no one could have ever discerned without a special God-given gift. Her fractal healing sessions have become a regular part of my life that I constantly look forward to. I have never felt so much healing power in someone's touch, and it is so relaxing and centering. I always walk away from my sessions with Dr. Vest with a feeling of renewal, peace, and joy. At some of the most critical points in my life, when I have been faced with huge transitions, questions, and low-points, Jennifer has been a invaluable help and inspiration to me and my wife. Thank you so much Jennifer! 

--Ben Doyle, Beverly Hills, CA

​Dr. Jennifer Lisa is an amazing healer! After having my first incredibly transformative session with her, I made appointments for her to see my husband and children.  She has been a magnificent healing force in each of our lives which has strengthened our entire family system. I am deeply grateful for her intuitive gifts and abilities, and the insights and revelations that continue to create positive change for us all!

--Monica Oliver McCurdy, Long Beach, CA

The first time I met Dr. Vest I received a Fractal Healing treatment and she gave me accurate and unexpected information regarding my childhood without me speaking to her at all. The second time I went to see her for a reading she was so accurate it was creepy. The information  provided through her no one else could have known. She is truly gifted and I continue to see her for guidance with my life. Very helpful and a loving healer.
--Kris Ladanyi, Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Vest is my favorite healer that I’ve ever worked with. She is always right on target. She has an infinite connection with the Divine, and I know that what she says she could only know because of that. She always says things that are completely on target and she inspires as she does it. She never leaves you feeling hopeless, but always infuses love and healing through her work and touch. We always say we would rather go to her for healing work than get a massage! Her touch as she is healing feels angelic and relaxes you in a way that nothing really else does. She is a true healer and intuit. Working with her is the opportunity of a life time and I do not say that lightly! My husband and I saw her a few times as we were faced with different crossroads in our life, and she was extremely instrumental at really critical times. We would not be where are today, without her! She deeply cares for all of her clients and that is evident in the work she does to heal their lives and help them to live their very best life. Every minute we have spent with her has been amazing. Jennifer is definitely a true God-send to my husband and I!

--Danielle Boyle, Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you so much for your medical intuitive report. It has changed my life. You are truly gifted at what you do!

​--Kristi Pallino, Studio City, CA

Jennifer had information for me that changed my life. She knew facts she could not have known and I am forever changed.

​--​Lawrence Dillard, Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Jennifer Vest  is a unique and gifted medical intuitive, who has a deep awareness of the mind body spirit connection. She brought to my awareness past and present factors that have contributed to my health. She proved to be amazingly accurate. I feel that I can move forward with my life in a healthier, more balanced way.
I recommend Jennifer's unique intuitive work to anybody who seeks 
clarity, awareness, and empowerment concerning their overall general health: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her gift as a medical intuitive will well exceed your expectations. 

--Denise Carroll, Marina Del Rey, CA