Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

QHHT Past Life Regression Session

Some people benefit from visiting one of their past lives while in a hypnotic trance. In a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session, I put you into a light trance to take you back to a past life and also help your Higher Self to answer questions you have about your life. These sessions last about 3-4  hours and can be quite life-changing

Life Purpose Coaching

Akashic Records/Life Purpose Scan

The Akashic Records, located on the Causal Plane, is an energetic library of information about souls. According to Edgar Cayce, famed 20th century Medical Intuitive,“The Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" can be equated to the universe's super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth" 

In an Akashic Records/ Life Purpose scan I adjust my vibration so that I can access information on the causal plane. I take your name up to the Akashic Records and ask the librarian for information related to your life purpose. This information may include karmic ties, soul contracts, soul lessons, past lives, and other guidance related to your current incarnation.

Fractal Healing TM

Fractal HealingTM is a mixed-modality energy healing method that combines Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing, and Intuition in order to address the multidimensional nature of health.

Fractal healing makes use of the holographic nature of our bodies by healing a part in order to heal the whole.

Medical Intuition Scan

A medical intuition scan is ideal for persons with medical mysteries or stubborn conditions that are not responding to traditional treatments. A Medical Intuition scan of your energy bodies helps t identify the causes of the problem. By closing my eyes and going into meditation, I can see your physical body on a screen in my head. I scan the problem areas or symptoms you identify. The information I get about the condition comes to me in four ways: 1) With clairvoyance (clear seeing) I see imbalances and disease; 2) with clairsentience (clear feeling), I feel the symptoms of the client; 3) With clairaudience I sometimes hear the name of a condition; 4) with claircognizance (clear knowing) I am able to sometimes know the names of conditions, which apply to the client. Medical Intuition scans may include  scans of your emotional, mental, or causal bodies and/or access your Akashic Records in addition to physical scans.

Health Coaching

Clients with more serious or chronic conditions may benefit from a series of four health coaching sessions in which I repeatedly tap into the bodies to obtain information, and make suggestions about tests to be performed, lifestyle changes to be made, and health practitioners to be visited.