Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

We offer this workshop in the morning AND in the late afternoon on the third Saturday of each month.

Times: Every 3rd Saturday, 11 AM- 2 PM and

4 PM-7 PM

Location: 38 E. Pine Street, Altadena, CA. Cross-street Fair Oaks

Tuition: $50  3 hours

The workshop is held in a house with comfortable seating. Refreshments are provided, including gluten-free and vegan options. There will be time to share with the group and to socialize. Notebooks and pencils provided.

Street parking available on the same block

Note: Please come on time. We will begin the exercises a half hour after beginning of class and will need absolute quiet at that point.

Teenagers welcome but no small children or animals please.

Time-Travelers Group Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ever wanted to time-travel? Here is your chance! Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) techniques, we will take you on four short journeys. In these fun exercises, you will get to experience 1-2 past lives, meet with your spirit guides, and visit a future life. Your experience will be guided by practitioners by Donna McKenna and Dr. Jennifer Vest , both of who are healers trained in a number of modalities (Reiki, Pranic, Theta, and Medical Intuition, to name a few!) , as well as being certified QHHT practitioners. This powerful and unusual form of light-trance hypnosis was developed by Dolores Cannon of "Convoluted Universe" fame (check out this book!).

​This class is co-facilitated by Donna McKenna and Jennifer Lisa Vest, both QHHT Practitioners