Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Classes, and Community

Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is a well trained and well intentioned healer who is currently blessing LA with her vision, compassion and service. I had the pleasure of doing a Past Life Regression session with her last fall that was extremely revelatory. It (the hypnosis treatment) gave me more real, visual information about former lives than I'd ever had access to. 

Dr. Vest is an excellent medium in that she does not tailor information by telling you 'what you want to hear'. She is very serious about her work and at the same time, extremely approachable. I felt an immediate comfort and openness in her presence, which allowed me to go deep into the experience. I have also been to her weekly workshops in Long Beach for psychic empowerment --- they are packed with useful techniques and are intensely enjoyable...she makes it fun. I think I enjoy her as a teacher most of all!

I have not gone to her for physical ailments but I understand that she is someone you can go to for all sorts of medical issues... She does not care about repeat business so much as really helping us all. All I know is: she's the real deal and strives to give REAL results to all of her patients! Thanks Dr. Vest!

​-Patrick V., Long Beach

I am so grateful that I found Jennifer Vest. We have been doing skype sessions because I don't live in her area. I immediately felt comfortable on our first session. Jennifer has a warm and light air about her. I have been struggling with late stage ovarian cancer and have been quite fearful. Jennifer has given me insight as to why I am going through this based on my past life experience and is helping me find the best course for healing. I am totally convinced that she is truly gifted. She literally has been a God send to me. She has helped me to find peace and direction in an otherwise scary and helpless situation. Thank you Dr. Vest for using your gifts to aid humanity. You are a gem.

Collette A.
Kapaa, HI

I have been taking classes from Dr. Vest for about two years now.  She is a wonderful teacher and conducts the classes in such a way that we have a chance to talk, discuss, and connect with each other on spiritual beliefs, thoughts, and practices.  I like that she has her PhD and takes a philosophical and educational approach to her classes, but combines this with the loving and compassionate side of spirituality that I was looking for. She is an incredible healer, and has helped me with the grieving process of the recent passing of my sister and father.  Her skills and knowledge are broad and extensive.  She is well known on many different subject matters pertaining to spirituality., This makes it very exciting in class because I feel we're always learning something new, but constantly being refreshed on past topics. If your looking for a transformative experience in your life I would reccomend taking a class or look into a reading/healing with Dr. Vest.

-Themistocles Leftheris, Long Beach