Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Akashic Records, and Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​1. How Do I book a Session?

​Use one of the "book a session" buttons located throughout the website. This button will take you to an auto-scheduler which will allow you to pick a time, day, and location for your appointment. After you have scheduled the appointment, you will be asked to pay for the session within 90 minutes to secure the appt and then you will receive a confirmation email confirming your session. If Dr. Vest or her assistant have manually booked an appointment for you, then you will pay through venmo, zelle, or receive a Square invoice the same day. Payment is due at time of booking. Unpaid bookings will be cancelled. 

2. How Long Does a Scan Last?

All medical, life coaching, and Akashic sessions last one hour. Past Life Regression sessions last 3-4 hours. Spirit release sessions last 90 minutes.

3.  What if I am Unwell but I am Unsure of What Exactly My Problem Is?
I specialize in medical mysteries. If you have a symptom but do not have a diagnosis or if you have a diagnosis but the treatment is not working, or if you think the diagnosis is wrong or incomplete, I can help you.

4. Are Your Sessions 1 on 1?
Yes. I prefer to work 1 on 1. I have two exceptions: 
If a couple wants a couples session, I charge $200/hour for that and only conduct couple sessions after conducting 1:1 sessions with each of the individuals first.  Another exception is children. I prefer children under 16 to have their parent present in the session. If they want to see me alone, the session must be recorded for the parent.

5. How Do I Decide What kind of Session to Book First?

If you are sick, you should do a medical intuition sessions first, followed by a health coaching package if necessary. If you are looking for guidance in your spiritual life or your career and want clarification about your purpose, you should get an Akashic Records session or sign up for a Life Purpose package. If you are struggling in a relationship that you suspect may have a soul or karmic component, you should sign up for an Akashic Records session or a Life Purpose Coaching package. Some people who are struggling with illness begin with medical intuition and then later so life purpose coaching in order to address all aspects of their life.

6. What Do I Need to Bring to our Session?
Any questions you want answered. I do not do general psychic readings without a focus. Also, please familiarize yourself with how to use the audio recorder on your phone before coming to the session so that it can be recorded. iPhones come with a free app called Voice Memo that is easy to use. Droid users may need to download an app onto their phone before coming.

7 . Can you Scan my Whole Body and Tell me Everything that is Wrong with me in a one Hour Session?

I used to do whole body scans. They took several weeks to do and I charged several hundred dollars to do them. I no longer work that way. In a one hour session I can address 1-2 main symptoms or conditions, their causes, and treatment suggestions. In several hours I can address everything wrong in the body. If you have several symptoms, a complex condition, or several diagnoses you need help with it is best to sign up for a health coaching package so that we can address every single concern systematically and in-depth. Many clients begin with a one-hour session to address their main concern and go on to commit to a series of sessions in order to cover more issues and go into more depth regarding emotional and spiritual causes, follow-up with doctors, treatment options, and lifestyle changes. Many clients get all the information they need in one session.

8. What Are Your Payment Methods?
There are four ways to pay:
1) on the website using the auto-scheduler (blue button that reads book a session) with a credit or debit card
2) via Venmo: @JenniferLisaVest
3)via Zelle using phone 310-431-1273

4) using a credit card to pay an invoice you receive

(Note: payment is due at time of booking)

9 . What is the Experience of Fractal Healing Like?
Fractal healing is a mixture of energy healing modalities including Reiki, Pranic, Spiritual healing, and others. If you have a special request about having work done on a particular symptom or part of the body or on a particular issue (heartbreak, feeling stuck, being unable to let go of a difficult relationship, etc.) You lie down on a massage table, close your eyes, and relax. I move around the table, lighting touching and also hovering my hands above your body moving energy around the body. I play meditation music during the healing and also use a crystal rattle. The lights in the room are dimmed. 
Clients often drift off into a very relaxed state, sometimes even falling asleep. You may be aware of energy moving in the body, of little sensations in the body or twitches in the muscles. These sensations are pleasant or neutral. Some find them odd. Sometimes you will have a dream or see colors during the session. You may have revelations or see memories. After the session, clients report feeling much more relaxed, lighter, less stressed, and experiencing less pain or discomfort than when they arrived.

10.  Do You Do Scans In person?
 I am not currently doing any in-person sessions but hope to return to in-person sessions once it is safe to do so. All sessions are currently videochat sessions on the computer. I do NOT do phone sessions. I use ZOOm for my sessions but can also use  FaceTime or Skype if requested. I like to do the scans with video and find that phone sessions do not allow me to convey all of the information I get as some of it comes in the forms of gestures or visuals I provide. The information I get remotely on video is no different than the information I get in person.

11. Can You Scan my Spouse or Relative For Me?

I can only scan people with their permission, with the following exceptions: I can scan pets, children under 16, and dependents of yours in whom you are vested with the right to make health decisions (through a health power of attorney). If you want to order a scan for a relative who does not fall into any of these excepted classes, you can set up the appointment for them.  You can also come to the appointment in their place, provided I have received permission directly from them.

12. Do You Do Exorcisms or Lift Spells?
No, not typically. Exorcisms are performed by the Catholic church. I do spirit release under certain circumstances. I only address spells if you really have a spell. There may be another explanation for a string of bad luck. I do not specialize in spell removal.

13. I need Help Developing My Gifts. Can You Tutor Me?
Yes. Tutoring is available at the rate of $80 per hour. A less expensive route to go is to attend my weekly development classes. Tuition is $20

14. I Want to Do Coaching. How many sessions do you recommend?

It is best to start with a coaching package of 4 sessions. Some clients see me for months, others for weeks, depending upon how many things they want to work on. If you have a long-term illness, or several different symptoms, it is best to sign up for a health coaching package rather than just one session. Also, if you are serious about realigning all aspects of your life (career, family, romance, and health) with your life purpose it is wise to commit to investing four or more hours to the process. When you sign up for a coaching package you are making a commitment to work on growth for the duration of the coaching, regardless of how difficult the work becomes. You can not complete only half the sessions then request an a la carte refund. Coaching packages are sold as a set of sessions. If you are unsure, start with a single session and then decide if you want to buy a coaching session.

15. What are my Location Options for Booking a session? Do you do Home visits?
I am currently available for sessions on
ZOOM only

I do NOT do home visits at this time.

16. What If I Miss My Appointment?
If you miss your  appointment or are 15 minutes late,  your appointment will be rescheduled . If you miss your appointment or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be refunded the fee minus a $25 processing charge. Coaching packages cannot be refunded once purchased, but they can be postponed.

17. What if I Get Stuck in Traffic and am really Late?

To live in LA is to be in traffic. Give yourself time for traffic and parking challenges. Clients who arrive more than ten minutes late will be rescheduled to avoid inconveniencing other clients. Arrive on time!

18. Do You Have Parking?

There is free on-street 2-hour parking near the 4th Street Long Beach location, sometimes on the same block, but it is a popular destination so it may take a minute.  You may have to walk a block. The 8th Street Long Beach location is in a residential location and parking varies by time of day. It is free. The Santa Monica location is across the street from a public parking garage that offers free parking for the first 90 minutes. The San Pedro location has free street parking and a free lot. Allow time for traffic and parking as traffic can be an issue  at peak times.