Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Classes, and Community

Location: Online on ZOOM. Send tuition along with your email to Venmo @JenniferLisaVest or CashApp @ #DrVest or to Zelle @ 310-431-1273. The Zoom link will be sent to you

Times: Wednesdays, 7:00-9:30

Zoom link opens at 7 PM for tea and conversation. At 7:30 the class offficially begins. Class typically runs to 9:30.

Bring a notebook and a desire to share and learn.

Remote Viewing
Psychic Protection
Symbolism in readings
Tarot and Oracle Cards
Reincarnation and Past Lives
Akashic Records
Medical Intuition
Spirit Release
Spirit Guides

The Shift inConsciousness
The Event

Ethics of Psychic Work
Intergalactic Federation
Starseeds and Hybrids
New and Future energy technologies
The purpose of life
Karma and soul contracts
Life Between Lives
Reading Energy
Angels and Devas
Animal Communication

Lucid Dreaming

​​Conscious Psychic: Develop Your Sixth Sense To Shift Your Consciousness

This class, which meets every Wednesday, is great for beginning and intermediate students of the psychic arts and for people just looking for a safe space to share the stories their families find strange. Have you had strange or unexplainable experiences? Have you known things without knowing how you knew them? Do you sometimes feel other people’s emotions or sicknesses? Do you see things about people that turn out to be true? Come spend time with people like you and learn how to develop your gifts.

In this class, we share stories, read and discuss a variety of important topics related to psychic development and consciousness, and engage in exercises designed to help you to develop and perfect your gifts so that you can control them and use them in a reliable and consistent manner to help others. In addition to teaching on certain topics, as a teacher I often share stories from my professional experiences as a medical intuitive, medium, akashic records reader, and healer. I answer questions on any topic and also encourage students to share their answers on any question asked in class. Learning occurs in many formats in this class: students learn from me, from the readings I share, from each other and from the exercises we do. Each week we cover a different topic. Students can drop in any time. Classes are all stand-alone. Topics include: