Dr. Vest, Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Classes, and Community

Life Purpose Coaching

In an initial Life Purpose Scan, we visit the Akashic Records to obtain information about your life purpose. In subsequent sessions, we visit the Akashic Records to obtain additional information about past lives, soul contracts, soul patterns, and  relationships with other souls. During the coaching process, you are encouraged to implement the information you have received into your life. Life purpose Coaching involves both the delivery of additional information and dialogues about your daily life and how you are progressing in terms of getting on your path and living the purpose you came to live. Some clients bring questions to the sessions about current events in the life. I provide answers to these questions in order to help you get on and stay on your path.

Doing The Work

Clients who are ready to make a commitment to healing can sign up for a 4-session coaching package. Signing up for a package requires that you be prepared to work on growth for at least four consecutive sessions. As coaching packages are non-refundable, clients must be sure they are ready to "do the work" before signing up for a package. As with therapy, coaching can reveal information that is challenging for the client to hear and to process. True healing occurs when you are ready to do the work!

Health Coaching

In an initial Medical Intuition scan, I look into the body to identify physical causes of current symptoms and look into the emotional body to determine emotional causes of illness. Information is also sometimes provided from the Akashic Records about spiritual causes of illness from past lives or soul lessons. In Health coaching, more information is obtained about ongoing health issues and advice is given about causes, treatments, lifestyle changes, and healthcare practitioners to visit. During the coaching process you are encouraged to  implement the information you have received so as to resolve health issues. You are asked to be accountable for taking charge of your healing. Clients bring questions about treatment options, symptoms, supplements, and lifestyle factors affecting recovery to each session in order to progress.